My interest in photography came at young age at a local summer club. Kodak had a  one day photo contest, providing film and cameras. Our group did very well and that was enough to get me started.

In the late eighties, I received a 2 year photography eduction in France and worked at first for photo labs and kept doing some free lance work. During the late 90's,a pre-press house hired me full time as photographer. That department brought in more work to the entire company via my services as planned and intended by the owner.

Pigeon Photography opened in the fall of 2005 and soon after I moved to the studio currently in use in Salem.

Despite being a commercial service dedicated to advertising, I do go reach other areas of photography for the purpose of learning and staying sharp with new techniques and equipment.  Having a fully equipped studio also allows for any types of testings on my own time, a plus for my clientele.


First wedding in over five years. Client contacted me for a small and short wedding, a unique occasion to say yes and keep my skills up to date

On left, I had an opportunity to shoot models with cars, summer 2020. This was organized by a local meet up photography group not affiliated with any club.





The studio is located at 158 St John Road - Salem, VA 24154


By appointment


Pigeon Photography  -  Roanoke, VA  with a  Studio in Salem, VA  -  540-589-2219