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Hello, my name is Benoit Pigeon. I am a commercial photographer who specializes in product and advertising. I started Pigeon Photography in 2005 after working over a decade in the industry. 


View camera an strobe lights demo  at art school

Back in 1992 with my photography teacher on right and a Sinar -Broncolor rep showing a new power packs and a Sinar-e, an early step toward high end digital. By 1995 the P2 Sinar-e was available combined with a Leaf Back. This was the first true high end digital camera. My employer in 1998 had one that I used on a daily basis at his prepress house. 

Recent work where I shot the set on location and another company placed the elements as is in a room scene.

Combine and  merge stock image with furniture in post
photo studio makeshift at client site

Setting up at a client in NC on a Sunday night for a last minute rushed photoshoot at 7:00pm

All packed from a shoot at a local manufacturing place late evening. September 2023  

Typical photo equipment on location in manufacturing plant
Setting up table top product at our photo  studio

A repeat set up for a client who added a few items on their web site. The big box on top has an even slick surface to turn reflections into gradients and also cover entire items when even light is necessary. 

Behind,left, is about 100 one yard cut fabrics awaiting to be shot.

This is at my studio where everything gets rearranged for the next in coming job.  This shot is from September 2023.

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