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There variety of projects in commercial photography is very abundant.  From big shoots with creatives and company representatives on location or studio all the way to product that requires back ground removal and a few forms of copy work, these are all services I cover regularly.

I  get a lot of requests for about anything small and big and in various forms. For silo work, I have shot over 4k furniture items from grand father clocks to recliners and delivered fully, press or web ready images. In other fields like jewelry, the client will more likely handle silos and shadows internally. In these cases, I provide only appealing and cleaned images. 
My go-to is to meet with the clients and decide on what is best for them. Very few are totally new and I will address proper suggestions in these situations.

  • Photography on location and studio. About anything related to advertising.

  • Table top photography

  • Copy work for industries and artists

  • Fabrics, carpet samples, woods, plastic and metal finishes

  • Oil and acrylic canvas, drawings, old maps, montages/collages, 2d art made with 3d items like beads, fabrics and other naturally grown items like tree bark, branches... (Statues, potteries and similar forms of arts will be considered table top photography).

  • Prepress (images only), clipping path, shadows, reflections and color conversions 

Agregate products studio set up for photo shoot
Architectural photography in Virginia
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